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Welcome to Eden elevators and escalators website one of the leading elevators companies’ service to the whole of South Africa at large, the best quality of work and service you are looking for begins here.

With growing number of elevator companies, you are faced with difficulties on choosing the best service provider, not best only in services provision but in affordable prices as well, for this reason our company is here to take off you this burden. Through our work system, we make the process of your elevator installation, upgrade, repair and service maintenance easier for you with our principle of high quality and timely delivery. With this we continue to attract customers from all over Africa and from within South Africa. Our slogan minimum cost and maximum quality.


Types of Lifts We Supply

  • Passenger Lift
  • Goods Lift
  • Car Lift
  • Freight Elevator/ Goods Lifts
  • Dumbwaiter Elevators
  • Hospital Elevator
  • Hydraulics Elevator
  • Hydraulics lift Home
  • Machine room less Elevators
  • Vertical wheelchair lift
  • Vertical wheelchair lift with enclosure
  • Scissor type hydraulic Lift
  • Stair lifts
  • Stainless steel cabin
  • Glass Cabin
  • Glass covered shaft

Panoramic Cabin

  • Cabin wall
  • Cabin ceilings
  • Cabin floor
  • Parts for installation
  • Drive and cards
  • Elevator controller
  • Electrical cable
  • Trailing cable
  • Trailing cables
  • Buttons lop-cop
  • Lift and landing doors

Gearless high-rise elevators

Machine room less elevators, gearless traction elevators: for low pit and limited distance for the last floor, gearless traction elevators have a vey high travel speed and can travel a great distance, their maximum travel distance is almost 600mtr, and the gearless traction system is so durable that is the best and most reliable option available for high rise application.

Dear passenger, the new technology allows us to move you up to 200 meters and curry up to 15 tons with our diversified systems of traction geared/ gearless electrical elevators be ready for a journey to the highest level of the sky scraper fast and safe where our elevators can each 6 m/s, elegant cabin, smooth doors and soft journey in the air with the most reliable elevators.

surface (97K)
concrete (96K)

Electric elevator (With machine room)

Geared traction elevator require that the shaft must have an extra room up the last floor so that this can be used as a machine room, travel to maximum distance of 75m this system is cheaper. Fair maintenance and installation costs, low energy consumption, this system can carry load up to 13600kg.

Hospital and mall elevators

For more practical hospital, one of the most important areas and it gives more attention to is the hospital, we always strive to make the movement all over hospital easier and make the intervention fast and one of our goals is to create a great work area for the health staff, we provide high segment elevator for wheelchair and cabins occupying with standard required that can carry up to 400kg. Our cabins are made of hygienic stainless steel and antibacterial PVC floors, we share the same care we exist in every part of your lives.

surface (97K)
concrete (96K)

Home Lifts

Home lift without luxurious designs give your house an elegant look and wonder in your house with full comfort avoiding stairs make the elders and relative happy to visit you and send your guest happy. Our special designs helps you benefit from any space in the house to make an elegant home lift.

surface (97K)
concrete (96K)

Goods Lifts

Goods lifts should not be that too expensive to maintain, try us now. High charges are not a guarantee for a good job.

Carrying capacity can be design from 500 up to 20000 kg and more. It can be adapted to all conditions of use in existing buildings and new buildings, the speed, and dimension can be adjusted according to the work to be used. The type and capacity of the load to be carried as well to be considered we provide these type of elevators for types of traction gearless, geared system and hydraulic system based on the load and travel distance. Cargo transportation in factories warehouse, wholesalers, workshops and similar establishment, freight elevators (Goods Lifts) work successfully in heavy environments and conditions. Speed and comfort may not be sought according to the human lifts.

We are experts in hydraulic goods lifts s. Power Packs and cylinder maintenance, don’t stress, talk to us. We advise on compliance needs. Goods maintenance should not be that expensive. Your equipment should comply with the latest regulations.

Passenger Lifts


We do new installations, upgrade, service, repair and maintenance of passenger lifts. We work on brands from China, ltaly, Turkey, Germany, including well-known brands of passenger lifts with latest controller technologies. We have experienced personnel to work on OLD LIFTS to keep them running until you are ready to replace them. Passenger lifts should always be safe to use.



''We maintain escalators from Otis, Kone, Schindler, Mitsubishi, Fuji and others from China.''

Step type escalator

The step type escalator is the general type of escalator today. The steps are typically metal, but very old step type escalators had wooden steps..


''At Eden Elevator we provide for Traction and Hydraulic lifts of different makes and capacity.''

Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic powered elevators system are selected for home lifts where the speed is between 0.15m/s up to 1.2m/s maximum and also the freight elevator where the travel distance is limited and the load is up to specific tonnage.

  • Smooth start and stop, extra soft stop/Start
  • Sensitive and absolute full electronic Valve control
  • 1.5 – 4.5 single phase hydraulic tanks
  • 2.7 to 75kw three phase hydraulic tanks
  • 8.650 L/Min pump systems
  • Maxi coil, long lasting valve systems
  • 50-280mm pistons
  • 2 and 3 stage telescopic cylinders
  • Side 1/1 -2/1 for single or double pistons
  • Bottom of the direct acting system.


Can carry up to 500kg, service lifts cover most food transport applications. To satisfy hygiene demands, stainless steel shelves and floors provided, other stainless steel surface finishes are available as an option, car protection is an important consideration when moving food as there are optional heated compartments, automatic “hands free” are available as an option on these range of lifts, a bottom drive variant is available for application where low headroom is a problem for the other uses, also we can produce special cabins for offices as well.

Lessen the risk of back strain, aching muscles and even accidents by installing Dumbwaiters in your office. At EDEN ELEVATORS we provide for a wide range of Dumbwaiters suitable for hotels, bars, restaurants, shops and offices.


''We do provide for a variety of goods hoists that are known for their ability to cater for appropriate loads. We do have a special price plan for these and technical recommendations and advice. We work with new hoists and maintain the old ones and revive those not working. ''

New Goods Hoists

We have new and reliable Goods Hoists to swiftly and efficiently move products from one level to the next


We care for the disabled and the elderly .This is the only way to take out beloved disabled and the elderly .These should be properly maintained not to deprive the disabled and the elderly of their comfortable movement between floors.

curved (116K)

Curved Stair Lifts

When you require a stair lift that curves, our curved stair chair delivers a first-class smooth, stable ride around every corner.

concrete (96K)

Straight Stair Lifts

This is the perfect option for anyone with a 2-story home with a straight staircase or a single story home with a basement.

Our commitment to those who join our family by doing business with us continues long after their first services.

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engineer (114K)

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive service maintenance ensuring the rehability and longevity of your equipment. Service maintenance should be programmed to long term and cost- effective. We will make available all your elevator parts – mechanical and electrical. We do have 3 categories on our service contract which can be explained on enquiry. 80 percent of our client’s referrals from a team of happy EDEN CLIENTS .It is always a benefit to join a happy team to be happy when work is done for you and get maximum satisfaction one of your payments.


At Eden Elevators we set out to continuously develop an unrivalled capacity in installing new lifts. Each of our clients is unique; we customize each proposal to our client specifications

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We understand that lift break downs can be debilitating to any business .We offer a compete reactive repair service around the clock 365 days a year. Our work is guaranteed and done to the client’s satisfaction. Our prices are very negotiable to suit your budget for repair maintenance.

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Our preventive maintenance programs are created to be long-term and cost-efficient. We will make available all your elevator parts, mechanical and electrical.

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Elevator Interior Design

We decorate the interior of house, hotel, shopping mall, and office elevators to make them more appealing to users.

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What makes us stand out from the rest

''The best garden care solution in Your Town''


The company has fully equipped technical department staffed with experienced engineers and skilled draughtsman.


80% of our current clients are referrals referred by Eden Team of happy clients, that shows how reliable and trustworthy we are.

Expert Engineers

Our Engineers are experts in their fields, proficient in all major escalators, elevators and other lifts installation, repairs and maintenance and have worked in all phases of lifts engineering.

Affordable Costs

We do have pricing systems suitable for each job type and all our customers are happy with our system.

Heavy Duty and Light Electrical Motor Repairs

There's more to Eden Elevators than just an elevator.

The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them!

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